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Criminal Investigations/Defense

Cermele Law, S.C. has successfully represented hundreds of law enforcement officers in criminal investigations. Our experience with law enforcement training, procedure, and expectations makes us the logical choice in the event you need to defend your actions in a criminal setting.

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The nature of law enforcement not only places officers in harms way, but subjects them to allegations of misconduct which often give rise to a criminal investigation. Your right to legal representation begins the instant a detective or district attorney questions you about the incident in which you were involved. Remember, when you are questioned in a criminal investigation, criminal exposure may be a reality regardless of whether you’re identified as the target or simply a witness. You, therefore, have every right to insist on legal counsel prior to making a statement.

The bottom line is you don’t waive your Fifth Amendment rights simply because of your status as a law enforcement officer. Moreover, if you’re subject to criminal investigation for actions taken within the scope of your official capacity, state statute may require that your employing municipality pay the reasonable legal expenses associated with your defense. See Section 893.25(2), Wis. Stats.

Unfortunately, being subject to criminal investigations for acts taken within your official capacity has become more and more prevalent. If that day comes, don’t do it alone. Contact legal counsel immediately. Contact Cermele Law, S.C.