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Critical Incidents/Officer Involved Shootings

The use of deadly force is one of the most difficult decisions a law enforcement officer will ever make. When that day comes, contact Cermele Law, S.C. and retain legal counsel with the experience necessary to guide you through all aspects of the resulting investigation.

More Information

Whether it involves a criminal investigation into the use of deadly force, or proceeds to a formal Inquest under Chapter 979, Wis. Stats., our experience with law enforcement training and procedure places Cermele Law, S.C. in a unique position to prove how and why your actions were privileged and in self-defense of yourself and/or others.

If you are confronted with a situation where it becomes necessary to use deadly force, it is crucial that you retain competent legal counsel experienced with all aspects of law enforcement. Moreover, depending on the type of legal action or proceeding which follows, state statute may require your employing municipality to pay the reasonable legal expenses incurred in your defense. See Section 893.25(2), Wis. Stats. Contact the law firm trusted by two of the largest law enforcement unions in the State of Wisconsin. Contact Cermele Law, S.C.