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Wisconsin’s Law Enforcement Officers’
Bill of Rights

Because of the nature of the job, law enforcement officers will necessarily be subject to internal investigations. Whether that investigation merely relates to a rule violation, or includes criminal allegations, involving legal counsel experienced in law enforcement practice and procedure can often resolve the investigation before it gets out of hand, or at least minimize its impact on your career.

Do not forget your rights under Wisconsin’s Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights. That statute, Chapter 164, Wis. Stats., provides, in pertinent part:

  1. If a law enforcement officer is under investigation and is subject to interrogation for any reason which could lead to disciplinary action, demotion, dismissal or criminal charges, the interrogation shall comply with the following requirements:
    1. The law enforcement officer under investigation shall be informed of the nature of the investigation prior to any interrogation.
    2. At the request of any law enforcement officer under interrogation, he or she may be represented by the representative of his or her choice who, at the discretion of the officer, may be present at all times during the interrogation.
  2. Evidence obtained during the course of any interrogation not conducted in accordance with sub. (1) may not be utilized in any subsequent disciplinary proceeding against the law enforcement officer. Section 164.02, Wis Stats.